Delhi women will have ‘Pink Tokens’ for free metro rides

In the latest development regarding the implementation of the Delhi government’s free-ride scheme for women, Delhi Metro will issue ‘pink tokens’ from separate counters for women. There will have separate gates for them at the entrance itself. Interestingly, the exit gates will continue to be common for all.

As per the proposal sent by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to the AAP government, the changes required to be made in the system will take at least 8 months.

DMRC has also cited an annual requirement of Rs 1,566.64 crore to fund the fare exemption and a;sp suggested that Delhi government takes sanction of the fare fixation committee (FFC) to roll out the scheme.

Giving out the details of DMRC’s proposal, CM Arvind Kejriwal said that Delhi government had no issue in seeking FFC’s approval.

Kejriwal also highlighted that the approval would just be a formality. “The role of the committee is just a formality, though we feel no fare fixation is involved,” he added.