Watch: China Hospital comes up with ‘Automatic Sperm Extracting Machine’ for people

Masturbation has turned out to be an addictive activity nowadays among the people across the world. In a bid to make things easier for people who find it awkward to masturbate for sperm donations, a Chinese hospital has come up with a new idea of installing ‘automatic sperm extractor’ technology in their premises.

As per the website, the ‘effortless’ machine has a massage pipe that can be adjusted in such a way that it would suit the height of the user. Furthermore, it is also fitted with a small screen for those feeling uncomfortable.

The one who uses this machine need not have to worry too much about setting things. One has to manually adjust the frequency, amplitude, and temperature before starting it.

We appreciate scientists for their groundbreaking inventions and discoveries but this one has gone way too far with the machine.

As per IFL Science, the urology department of the hospital mentioned the device has been tailor-made for people who find the conventional way embarrassing.

And here’s how people reacted to this: