Sikh driver confronts UP cop with a sword after he allegedly pulled his beard

A heated scuffle broke out between a Sikh lorry driver and cops when he was stopped in the highway road. Things had gone from bad to worse when Uttar Pradesh cops pulled Sikh Driver’s beard after which the latter confronted the cops with a sword. The shocking incident happened on Shamli-Muzaffarnagar border and the entire incident was caught on camera.

Sikhs don’t cut hair as they honour God’s gift of hair. Kesh (uncut hair) combined with the combing of hair using a kangha (small wooden comb that Sikhs usually use twice a day) shows respect for God and all of his gifts. Kesh is so important that during the persecution of Sikhs under the Mughal Empire, followers were even willing to face death instead of shave or cut their hair.

Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh retweeted video footage of a policeman pulling Sikh man’s beard in UP. Amarinder commented on the tweet, “Deplorable incident. Shameful that a man in uniform should show such scant regard for the religious sentiments of a common man. Request @myogiadityanath to take the concerned to task. A strong message needs to go out that doesn’t condone such behaviour.”

The original tweet with a video says, “A Sikh truck driver confronted @Uppolice cops with his sword after officials ‘pulled’ his beard after the driver allegedly did not give way to the police van behind. The incident that occurred on Shamli-Muzaffarnagar border in Shamli.

“These five letters of K are emblems of Sikhism. These five are most incumbent; Steel bangle, big knife, shorts and a comb; Without unshorn hair, the other four are of no significance.”

Source – Times Of India.