Mizoram Boy stamped a little chicken with cycle, took it to doctor to save its life

A small boy from Mizoram inadvertently ran over his neighbour chicken with his cycle. Soon after this unfortunate incident, he took the chicken and rushed to a nearby hospital with all the money he had and then asked for help to save the chicken.

This little boy’s act shows his sense of responsibility, love towards other living creatures and at the same time, it also reflects the kind of socialization he had. Furthermore, it also shows good parenting.

The picture shared by a Facebook user is doing the rounds on social media with an engagement of more than 80,000 shares. The boy’s face with a tinge of his expression was heart-touching. People on social media praised the boy through and through.

This boy has an enormous heart and a passion for the living. A saint amongst sinners. This kid though small and innocent has a lot of lessons to teach.