Indian man creates antenna that catches WiFi for free

A recent video circulating on social media suggests that it’s possible to access unlimited internet without a SIM card or recharge, using only an antenna. The video claims that an individual has devised an antenna capable of capturing WiFi networks, allowing users to access unlimited internet for free. Details on how to construct and utilize this antenna have been shared via social media videos.

The viral video has been shared by a Facebook page, “Social Message”. In the video, a person is seen sitting on a bike, he has a copper wire in one hand and a phone in the other hand, and he is claiming that with the help of only copper wire, he will be able to use the internet with unlimited 5G speed without SIM card and recharge.

Furthermore, the man puts his phone on flight mode. And rotates the copper wire 15 times with the help of a pen. After this, connect the copper wire to a data transfer cable and connect the phone to the other side. After this, the person tests the video by searching for it on the YouTube application. However, the internet on YouTube runs with this technology.

We are neither confirming nor endorsing the information given in this viral video. Following viewer feedback, it has been suggested that the information provided may be inaccurate. Certain users assert that it is possible to access the internet even with flight mode enabled by adjusting specific phone settings.

The viral video has received over 4 million views and 60 thousand likes. After watching the video, users have shared many types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘The internet can be used even after flight mode by changing the settings. ,

Another user makes a humorous comment and writes, ‘Brother, one day you will become a great scientist of NASA.’

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