PM Modi exposes Rahul Gandhi’s blood line fake promises, Video goes viral

Ahead of the general elections, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, On May 25, announced a minimum income guarantee scheme ‘Nyay’ which will help 20% of the poorest families if voted to power. The scheme aims to provide ₹72,000 annually to 20% of the poorest families across the nation, which is likely to benefit at least 5 crore families.

Amid Rahul Gandhi’s big promise, BJP posted a video clip on its official Twitter handle, exposing the party president over his lies to the public of the country. Captioning the tweet, saying “Someone has said the truth, lies are easily forgotten”

In the first clip, Gandhi said, “Congress party can give Rs 72,000 PER YEAR to the 20 per cent poorest families of the nation.” In the second one, he said, “Every MONTH Rs 72,000 Congress party will give.” and in the third video, Congress chief said, “Congress party every year Rs 72,000 CRORE will put in banks.”

PM Narendra Modi in a recent interview with Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-chief slammed Congress’ NYAY Minimum Income Guarantee scheme promise citing that ‘Garibi Hatao’ and Rahul Gandhi’s ‘final assault on poverty’ is something the Congress party has assured many times.

“Their track record should be seen. One family for four generations – Nehruji spoke about poverty, Indiraji also spoke about poverty, Rajiv Gandhi also spoke about poverty, Sonia Gandhi also spoke about poverty and now the fifth generation is also talking about poverty.

And these are the people who have ruled the country for 55 years. It has been only them ruling for 55 years. Despite that, their track record shows that the poor have become poorer. Who will trust them? The issue is not that…This is not about the economy,” PM Modi said.

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are less than 2 weeks away, with the first phase to start on April 11 and polls will be conducted across the nation till May 19 and counting of the votes is scheduled to take place on May 23. The results will likely to be declared on the same day itself.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.