Girl asked questions on Badminton, Rahul Gandhi gave speech on Rafale

While addressing a gathering of school children in Odisha, Rahul Gandhi apparently ridiculed his intellect. A girl in the crowd asked questions on sports and wished to know how Rahul Gandhi would help if he is voted to power. He flatly said, “He would “try” to make the ground wonderful”. Thereafter, he started his speech on Rafale.

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Here’s the full conversation:

Girl: Sir you said, if you come to power you would give free education. But women and girls are more interested in sports here. What are you going to do for sports?

Rahul Gandhi: So what sports are you interested in?

Girl: Badminton, Hockey and all other sports sir.

Rahul Gandhi: Sorry, I couldn’t hear you?

Girl: Sir, Badminton.

Rahul Gandhi: Give me a suggestion. I will do that. And where do you get training?

Girl: I don’t get training, sir.

Rahul Gandhi: So where do you play? In Stadium?

Girl: Yes sir, in Stadium

Rahul Gandhi: How is the infrastructure of the stadium and what is the court made of? Cement or Grass?

Girl: Grass sir.

Rahul Gandhi: So our efforts will be to elevate the quality of your stadium.

Soon after saying this single sentence that he would better the quality of the stadium, Rahul Gandhi shifts his gear to Rafale, most probably because he found himself uncomfortable to answer the girl’s on sports.

There are so many mines in Odisha. The state has so much money and treasure, but you don’t get anything. Then Rahul Gandhi asks one more question to the girl, “what do your parents do to earn a livelihood?”

The girl answers, “my father runs a shoe shop.”

Rahul Gandhi: Have you heard of the name of Anil Ambani?

Girl: Not really sir, I think he’s the richest person in India.

Rahul Gandhi: There is an HAL factory in your state, you must be aware of that. India’s biggest contract for manufacturing planes was supposed to be given to HAL. But it was given to Anil Ambani. The rafale was about to be built here in HAL, but the Prime Minister gave the contact to him.

He gave a long speech on Rafale nearly the same he delivered in the parliament. Ironically even the girl could not make out what the Congress national president was upto.

Watch the full video here:

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.