Absconding Nirav Modi is living a lavish life in London, wears jacket worth ₹9 lakh

Diamond merchant Nirav Modi who is one of India’s most wanted man is enjoying a lavish life in London. Modi who has been hard to find ever since he escaped from India in January 2018 was finally spotted by a report of British newspaper The Telegraph on the streets of London.

In a clip posted by the newspaper, the reporter puts a string of questions to Nirav Modi. When asked about his location, he had nothing to say as he had only one answer- No comments. Not just for this question but for all, the fugitive scamster prepared to come with only one boring answer.

As per the newspaper, Modi who is accused of deceiving the Punjab National Bank is now living in a three-bedroom £8 million apartment occupying half a floor just within the rich skyscraper called “Centre Point off Tottenham Court Road”, where the total rent is believed to be £17,000 a month.

When came face to face with the reporter, Modi was said to be wearing an “ostrich hide jacket” valued at over Rs 9 lakhs. The newspaper went on to report that Modi resumed his diamond business under a new name.

An illegally built seaside bungalow belonged to Nirav Modi who is the main culprit in the Punjab National Bank scam has been destroyed completely. The bungalow in situated in Kihim beach, Alibaug was razed to ground on Friday by the Raigad district administration after a strict court order.

The video clips from the site depicted the 30,000 sq ft bungalow being shattered to bits and pieces within a matter of seconds after it was detonated using dynamite. According to the reports, the 110 dynamite sticks were used to destroy the building in a controlled explosion.

The top court ordered the bungalow facing the Kihim beach to be “blown up” after the construction breached coastal regulation zone (CRZ) norms.

He is accused of cheating on the bank amounting to Rs.13,000 crore using forged LoUs. Modi along with his uncle Mehul Choksi and their families fled the country last year before the scam came to light and has been escaping the law ever since.

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