This woman got 500 holes in her eyes because she used Phone with ‘Full Brightness’

Do you constantly use mobiles with full brightness without even a gap? Do you watch movies in a dark place without even caring about your eyes? Then you must read this! This means you are least bothered about your eyes as your mobile is emitting blinding levels of light which is completely ‘dangerous’ and this is what happened to a woman in southern Taiwan.

Chen kept using her phone time and again with full brightness and what happened to her eyes was indeed ‘shocking’. According to the doctors, the 25-year-old’s eyes are devastatingly messed up after using her phone that too constantly over the course of 2 years on ‘full brightness’.

Credits: ladbible

Doctors said adding that she has burned up to 500 holes in her cornea. At first, it became bloodshot and then slowly it started to hurt and that’s when she sought medical treatment.

Her doctor said that she had been exposing her eyes to more than 600 lumens (means a level of brightness) regularly for two years when the ‘recommended daily level of brightness’ is roughly around 300.

As per a report by Mirror, exposing your naked eyes directly to just 2 hours of anything brighter than ‘600 lumens’ is like putting your eyes in a microwave oven.