Good News: Indian Passport climbs up 10 Ranks on Global Index in 5 Years

Indian passport is reaching new heights than ever before as more countries are now offering visa-free entry and visa-on-arrival to Indians. As per Times Of India, the 2019 Passport Index that ranks passports of 199 countries according to their visa-free scores shows the Indian Passport that has become much stronger and better over the last five years.

Indian passport has improved in rankings wise as it climbed 10 ranks on Global Index i.e. from 77th rank in 2015 to rank no. 67 in 2019. It has been said that Indian passport was on 68th rank. Now 25 countries allow visa-free entry to the Indian passport holders and 39 other nations also offer visa-on-arrival.

Credits: Shutterstock/Passport Index

Apparently, more countries are opening up to Indian tourists as they are recognising our country’s spending power, as per a report in TOI. “One of the reasons for this improvement is that foreign governments don’t view Indian travellers with suspicion and welcome Indian tourists.

They are of the opinion that Indians who come to their country do so for leisure or business and return home,” Karan Anand, head of relationships at Cox & Kings Ltd told Business Daily.

The important reason behind the acceptance of Indian tourists is the fact that the Indian government has opened its arms to foreign tourists over the last 5 years, Business Daily mentioned.

On the development side, India ranks No. 67 while Pakistan, Bhutan, Egypt, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka stand at lower positions than India.

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