Annoyed with phone’s service, man goes to store and crushes it in front of owner

Smartphone Customer service centre provides the best solution for customers when they face unnecessary problems with their hand-held devices. Well, it is indeed a test of patience for the ones who are dealing with customer service. Just in case, if your mobile is hanging up a bit while swiping left and right, you might as well visit the nearest service centre to sort out the problem.

At times, it is a disappointing day for a customer when the service centre asks him/her to wait for sometime. You would be really annoyed if they don’t fulfil your expectations at that time and that’s what happened to a man in Haryana.

It very much seems like the person wanted to vent out frustration at the service centre as he went into the room holding the camera to report a problem with his Samsung A7. In the next scene, he doesn’t specify what actually went wrong with his device.

According to the video, he said they promised him a replacement within 5-7 days as per the terms and conditions but it had been around 2 weeks with no replacement or even a refund of Rs 21,000. Annoyed with the poor services, he decided to settle the matter in his own hands as he decided to show his full anger out on the phone, after which he hit the phone down across the edge of the counter.

After that, he bends it in half before throwing it at the employee, in what was utter destruction. We don’t want to reveal everything now. Watch the video to know the complete picture of the incident!

This video is nearing 3 lakh views and has been loaded with full of comments. Even the users say that the customer service centre is losing credibility.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.