Malaysian Man abandons his four-month Pregnant wife to play ‘PUBG’

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), an apparently addicting game that has followed the humans around like a dark shadow and when the youths figured it out how to play it on their smartphones, they got massively addicted to it and today, PUBG is the most popular game among all age groups in India since its inception in March 2018.

The gamers are trapped in the fantasy world as they are playing it with utmost satisfaction. Earlier, people used to swipe their screens by playing Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Railrush but now, screams of PUBG, PUBG can be heard everywhere all across India.

Credits: IGN

However, on the dark side, people are taking this addiction to an extreme level which in turn causing a lot of problems to individuals as well as for the family members. As per the new incident based on a Facebook post written by a wife, a Malaysian husband has abandoned his family in the real world just to play PUBG in a fantasy world.

Instead of taking care of the family, he decided to live his own life alone. As per the reports from local media, the man left his four-month-old pregnant wife. He wanted to play the game without any disturbance and that’s why he walked out of the family one day.

This incident was reported by ‘World of Buzz’ website and the Facebook post written by a woman was in the Malay language. In the post, the woman has reportedly said that her husband was initially introduced to the game by her sibling and from then he got addicted to it as he kept on playing it time and again.

His addition to the game led to so many fights within the family members as he would shout, scream during the game while communicating with the team members all night.

Reportedly, she ended the post by saying, “It has been a month since he has left us. We are now left with no choice but to support ourselves through any hardship that may come. Before he started playing PUBG, his personality was much more tolerable.

However, the situation gradually grew worse from when he first started playing the game four years ago. Please pray that he will return to our family.”

However, it is still not pretty clear if any official complaint has been registered with the police.

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