This Woman believes drinking her dog’s urine is the only way to cure Cancer

A dog is a faithful animal and we just can’t figure out how much love dog has for us. It is the only living being that loves you more than it loves himself. That’s the beauty of it. A dog is the most loyal animal, especially to human beings. But this woman has taken unconditional love for her pet to the next level.

A 21-year-old girl by the name of Lynn Lew has an unshakable belief that her pet dog’s urine is the only way which can cure cancer. Not just that! She also strongly believes that it can also cure ache as well. Yes, this sounds totally weird to all of us.

As per a Newsweek report, she deftly holds a cup beneath her dog as her pet pees and then she tastes and drinks the near-full cup of urine without even shaking. This goes to show that how much belief she has in what she calls it as the best medicine. YUCK!

The report also went on to state that if her pet dog doesn’t fill the cup, she doesn’t bat an eye on borrowing some part of the neighbouring dog’s urine. Really strange! “Many of you have asked me how I always look so good, how my makeup always looks so perfect, or how I always have this natural glow. Here’s my secret,” Lynn Lew says in the weird video.

“Until I first drank my dog’s pee, I was depressed, I was sad, and I had bad acne,” she told after drinking the whole cup of dog’s urine without cringing.

If you don’t believe, what you’ve just read now, take a look at this video to know more:-

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