Man escapes death by laying between tracks when speedy train passed over him

In what was a shocking incident, a man escaped death by a whisker while he was crossing a railway track in order to reach the other side of the platform. Had it not been for his quick thinking, the story could have been a different one altogether.

While he was still on the railway tracks, he learned that a train was coming towards him at a brisk pace. At a split second, his presence of mind at the right time saved his life as he laid down between the tracks in a bid to shield himself from being squeezed under it. The train passed from over him and fortunately, he escaped unhurt.

The video that is doing rounds on the internet platform. It shows the man in utter shock after the train passes over him and then he sits on the train track for a while before getting up. Take a look at the video of the incident:

After the incident, the man was scolded by the people who gathered around him. The identity of the man is still unknown.

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