10 Most selling smartphones in 2018, full details here

Based on the essence of features that are embedded on the smartphones, they are classified into high-end and mid-range smartphones. Not many in this world can afford expensive phones and thanks to the budget devices that has brought a ray of hope for the majority of the people to get hold. Let’s take a look at the most selling smartphones of 2018-

1. Apple iPhone X

What else? Apple’s iPhone X is at the top of this list of most selling phones in 2018. It is one of the most expensive iPhones available in the market. The design is appealing with the notch being the highlight of this phone.

2. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

One more iPhone on this list, the iPhone 8 is a successor to iPhone 7 Plus which was launched in 2017. iPhone 8 Plus contributed 15.2% profit share of the total smartphone industry in the first three months of 2018.

3. Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Redmi 5A was launched in India in November 2017, which saw record-breaking sales. It is cheap as it comes at Rs 5,999 with a 5-inch HD display. This phone is available in 2 variants 2GB and 3GB RAM. It has managed to capture customers’ satisfaction.

4. Oppo A83

Oppo’s A83 smartphone comes 4th position on this list. This smartphone is available at a budget price of Rs 13,990.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s flagship- Galaxy S9 series has certainly lifted company in terms of market share in the ultra-premium segment. Both Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ never ceased to amaze its customers by producing quality processor.

6. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes sixth on the list of most selling phones of this year. It comes in super cool colours like Midnight Black, Coral Blue and a new hue, Purple colour options.

7. Apple iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 might have been launched in 2016 but still people are buying it. It has been learnt that iPhone 7 is the world’s fourth most profitable smartphone with the 6.2% share industry’s profits.

8. Apple iPhone 8

Indian market easily attracts Apple iPhones and yet another Apple device is on this list. It is cognisance of the fact that iPhone 8 was the affordable phone launched by the company in 2017. Due to its design, performance and appeal, it helped to create a lot of profit and has 19.1% share in industry’s profits in this year.

9. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro comes 9th on the list of most selling phones of this year. Galaxy J7 Pro fulfilled the customers with mid-range pricing strategy which saw record sales for this model. Even now, the sales of this phone are still high as its price was reduced only recently.

10. Apple iPhone 6

Ever since 4 years of its launch, iPhone 6 still hits the bottom position, which goes to show the demand for Apple iPhone 6 this year. It has earned 1.8% of the smartphone industry’s profits in the first quarter of 2018.

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