Son of a poor electrician bags Rs.70 lakh package from American company

Every parent’s dream is to see their son or daughter coming through with flying colours. No matter how much struggles they face, they work beyond their call of duty to earn money to make sure that their child gets the quality education they deserve. The story of electrician’s son will surely inspire you.

Mohammed Aamir Ali is the name. He is a diploma student from Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Delhi. His father is an electrician. He knows how his father defied all odds to make him study. In return, the son gave the best news to his parents as he gets an annual package of $100,008 (which is approximately 70 lakhs in Indian rupees) from Frission Motor Werks, a top American firm.

Credits: The Hindu

The firm has assigned him the post of ‘battery management system engineer’ at Charlotte in North Carolina. JMI praised its student for its remarkable achievement, saying this is the highest salary package for any Diploma in Engineering student at the college since its start.

Mohammed could not get an admission for an engineering course despite doing very well in the JMI school board examination. After missing out in his first attempt to get into the engineering course, he chose diploma in Mechanical Engineering at JMI in the year 2015.

Despite his setbacks, he developed an interest in science and technology, which helped him to easily engage with electric vehicles.

Mohammed says that if his project becomes a huge hit, then the cost of charging an electric vehicle in our country will become nearly zero, according to The Hindu.

Giving some more insights about the project Mohammed said, “Initially, my teachers didn’t believe me as it was a new area of work. However, assistant professor Waqar Alam finally realised the potential and guided me.”

In one of the college fairs, he created a prototype of his research and then he submitted. Seeing this, Professor Waqar Alam was impressed by Mohammed’s idea and innovation and then he uploaded it in the university’s official website. It was when Frisson Motor Werks, an American company based in Charlotte in North Carolina, approached the college administration.

His father Shamshad Ali expressed his feelings after his son got the job offer and said, “Aamir would ask questions on the functioning of electrical equipment and electricity that even I could not answer despite being an electrician. I always told him to work hard. I am very happy for him today.”