Muslims in India celebrate Eid-Al-Adha in an eco-friendly way

Today is an auspicious day for the Muslims as they are celebrating Eid-Al-Adha. Quite interestingly, people in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow city celebrated the festival in the most eco-friendly way, which is the best that you”ll see today on the internet. Their great gesture is now winning people’s hearts.

They celebrated Eid-Al-Adha by cutting a cake which displays the picture of a goat. “The custom of sacrificing an animal on Bajrid is not right. I appeal to everyone to celebrate the festival by cutting a cake instead of an animal,” one of the buyers of such a cake added in a statement.

Credits: ANI

This isn’t the first time that they cut a cake as a part of sacrifice during Bakrid. In 2016, a Muslim man in Lucknow did it. He wanted to share and spread the message against the killing of animals on Bakrid.

Similarly, in another incident, an RSS-affiliated outfit in UP told the Muslim community to bring the practice of sacrificing animals on Bakrid to a close. In 2017, the outfit explained to people to cut a cake instead of animals at the festival.

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