Meet Ashish Kumar, who runs NGO and gives 100% Free health care to residents

We often hear the news of patients getting ripped off by doctors, every now and then. They compel you to cough up as much money as you can. Sometimes, you borrow money from banks or private lenders and yield it to them. In a simple sentence, we the patients end up losing our lifetime savings to hospitals in one go.  Surprisingly, neither the government nor the administration has come up with any plan to put an end to this practice, which is causing a poor India to be even poorer. It appears like it will continue forever, doesn’t it

But you don’t need to panic at all. As a Non-Government Organization (NGO), by the name of “Being Social- Ek Nayi Shuruat” has taken a huge step, which may bring about a revolution in this direction. The NGO is based in national capital Delhi, from where it operates all around the nation. The founder of the NGO, Ashish Kumar, is working on revolutionary idea which is likely to turn around the fate of the people residing in parts of nation where services are available.

Founder Ashish Kumar and members

Ashish Kumar provides 100% health care to all and everyone is eligible to the service. Kumar doesn’t get any monetary benefit but only contributes to the society from his end. He has just interconnected all doctors of the localities. All doctors who are part of the mission will have to voluntarily give discount to the patients who approach them.

However, in order to enjoy the service, all you need is to get yourself registered for free. You need to download the mobile app called Doctor KB. And fill the form on the app. You will see the list of doctors who have partaken in the mission and you will can take appointment right there. This will guarantee you a discount.

The idea will not only save money of the patient but time as well.

Mrityunjay Chaubey is the editor in chief at The Youth. He hails from Indore. Before The Youth, He worked for Indian Defence News as a columnist and was a reporter at two other sports portals.