Akshay Kumar was asked if he will ever make a ‘Biopic’ on himself

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is one of the most reputed and skilled actors in the motion picture industry. He gives absolutely everything to entertain the audience and that’s his speciality. Be it a comical character or an army man, he becomes like that and performs it like a hot knife through butter.

We all know that Akshay loves doing biopics. He has done that in his career and recently too, he expressed his willingness to do a biopic on golden girl Hima DasDuring a recent interaction, Akshay was asked if he will ever make a ‘Biopic’ based on his life story.

Credits: Hindustan Times

He replied that he will never make a biopic on himself. He made it very clear that he will not only make a biopic of himself but will also not write even a book. He reckons that there are many more stories that are to be told from the history. He stressed the fact that he would only make a biopic of ‘real heroes’ and not ‘reel heroes’.

“There are so many amazing stories in history, like Tapan Das (his character in ‘Gold’). Arunachalam Muruganantham on whose life ‘Padman’ was based, who have steered India in a positive direction. I would be a fool to make a biopic on myself. I would never even think of it, it will be a shallow thing to do for myself. I want to make biopic son real heroes and not reel heroes,” he added in an interview.

When asked if the film industry is too much excited with biopics, Akshay Kumar said, “It is a known (fact) in our industry that if something works, almost everyone does the same thing and this is not just about biopic or sports biopic or something else. If a few films fail, everyone will run after something else?

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