Singham officer gifted with suspension order from Karnataka government for working against ‘Sand Mafia’

In shocking news, Karnataka Government suspended Sub-Inspector when he reportedly refused to release seized vehicles involved in sand mining. The SI is identified as Srinivas who is said to be an honest officer in the state. Unfortunately, he was suspended for doing his duty sincerely?

As per media reports, SI Srinivas got a warning when he did not release seized vehicles indulged in ‘illegal sand mining’. But when the officer denied, he was suspended with immediate effect. Does honesty have a place in Karnataka Government? Well, surely not! It is not good to see Politicians under Karnataka government using honest officials for personal benefits or other purposes.

Credits: Public TV Twitter Official handle

BJP Karnataka Official Twitter handle’s caption reads, “The legacy of suppressing honest officers in the state continues under HD Kumaraswamy’s Government. SI Srinivas was forced to release seized vehicles involving in illegal sand mining, when he denied releasing he was suspended, clearly showing honesty doesn’t have a place in this government.”

B Sriramulu, who is the member of legislative assembly in Karnataka, took to Twitter to say, “Honesty is not the best policy.” Kumaraswamy’s govt has proved it by following a suspension of SI Srinivas, who allegedly denied to release seized vehicles involved in sand mining. Sadly he was suspended for delivering his duty honestly.”

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