Government to block Whatsapp in the conflicted regions – read full details

Terrorists are making every possible attempt to destroy the peace. It is learnt that the terrorists use whatsapp calling feature to make contacts with their associates and even dealers who are there across the border.

In a recent update, the Ministry of Home Affairs is finding ways to block WhatsApp calling services in conflict-ridden areas like Jammu and Kashmir, in a decisive step to break the communications between terrorists and their contacts living in these areas, sources told NDTV.

Credits: Financial Express

In a meeting in charge of Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba on Monday, 11 June, officials allegedly talked about the issue following various terror-related arrests that reportedly showed terrorists taking WhatsApp calls.

The Home Ministry officials reportedly said it has been brought to their notice that many times when encounters happen, terrorists used WhatsApp calling feature to establish contact with their associates and even dealers posted across the border.

Speaking to NDTV, a senior officer stressed the fact that the end-to-end encryption made it tough for authorities to track the call for information, even if they stop it first.

“WhatsApp calling and messaging have now become the preferred medium of communication for anti-national forces and we are right now clueless about keeping a tab on it. We need a policy where, when it comes to national security, these apps will be forced to share information with the security agencies,” Officer to NDTV.

The recent arrest of Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists by NIA (National Investigation Agency) in association with the Nagrota army camp attack, reportedly disclosed that the directions were sought by them through WhatsApp only.

The senior official further added that the Ministry of Home Affairs will “immediately” formulate a policy in meeting with Ministry of Telecommunications.

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