After Boyfriend leaves her, Girl danced in front of lover’s house to song Tere Ishq Me Nachenge

They say, love is blind and may happen to anyone at any point of time. In clearer words, you have no control over it and neither can you restrict yourself. In fact, restriction will only take you closer to love. Youngsters are more likely to slip into the clutch and never come back. We often see love stories in Bollywood movies or read in novels, in which people do crazy things, after falling for someone totally strange. They even appear to be ready to do anything for their lover, don’t they?

A popular saying goes- “Everything is fine in love and war”.  Well, you may snub to believe in this proverb- once you come to know the bizarre incident that took place in Gurgaon- as per a viral video uploaded on the internet. You can only say ” Not everything is fine even in love”.

In the very unique incident, a young girl- completely drunk- is seen dancing to Hindi and haryanavi songs in front of her ex boyfriend who had dumped her. After breakup, the girl was upset and remained drunk all the time. Waiting for him to walk back to her life, she kept an eye on his arrival. Sesnsing, he would not return himself, she hired a truck with loudspeakers mounted thereon and walked to her boyfriend dancing behind the moving truck.

Hundreds of people gathered on the both sides of the road when she started moving her body to music.

Songs vary from “Thodi Thodi Piya karo to Tere Ishq me Nachenge  from Amir Khan’s movie movie Raja Hindustani. Apparently there were some girls too who cooperated her during the dance.As spectators did not want to miss the chance, her dance movements were captured on several mobile phones- which are doing rounds on the internet now.

As per some website reports, even after hours of dance, her boyfriend did not turn up and the girl went back home. Some people were furious at the boy while many questioned how could a girl drink and dance on the road like that?