dreadful moment- Bridge collapsed in 3 seconds and killed dozens on the spot- Read Full report here

You may have seen many mishaps in your life but this one, in particular, is dreadful. It will leave you in shock. While construction was underway, bridge fell down onto commuters beneath killing dozens. Recently similar incident took place in Calcutta where a bridge came down in broad daylight leaving a hundreds of people dead and injured. Experts suspected massive corruption.

Locals and rescue teams gather near crushed vehicles after a portion of an under-construction flyover collapsed, leaving at least 12 feared dead, in Varanasi | PTI photo

Yet another case of corruption has apparently come out in Varanasi. An under going construction bridge has come down today near the district railway station, while the road was overcrowded with vehicles. Dozens of travelers are feared to have been killed in the accident. 16 human bodies have been recovered from the debris.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has indicated that he will take stringent action against the culprit. Taking electric steps and without spending a minute, he has set up a committee to probe into the matter and give result before the deadline. Meanwhile he has announced compensation of Rs 500,000 for kin of those lost lives in the incident, Rs 200,000 for those who have received injuries CM Adityanath has also set up a three-member committee to probe flyover collapse, said a PTI report.

The local officials were instructed to rush to the spot. Dozens of cranes were pressed into service withing hours of the mishap.Two Hospitals have been evacuated especially for the patients of this accident. People killed were mostly the labourers who were working at the site.