This Modi Bhakt From Karnataka Gets PM Modi’s Tattooed On His Back In A 15-Hour Session

When you admire someone deeply from your heart, you are bound to follow the footprints. Everyone lives under the same sky but not all have same interests and opinions. If people find interesting in one’s personality, they become huge followers. All they dream of is meeting their idols to get autographs, click selfies to rejoice the moment.

There are many people in India who admire India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are quite often referred to as ‘Modi Bhakts’ by critics of PM Modi. The latest Bhakt hogged the limelight when he took his inspiration to another level in intensity.

Credits: ANI

To show his love and admiration for PM Modi, a fan got his face inked on his back in Karnataka’s Raichur. According to Basavaraj, it took 15 hours for him to get tattooed. The fan is a primary school teacher in Raichur, Karnataka named Basavraj.

The person who made the tattoo said it was not an easy task to make this as it took him several hours. He went on to add saying that he made the tattoo because the PM Modi had done a phenomenal job in 4 years.

He also remarked the unforgettable moment when PM Modi mentioned his name and about the tattoo in Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign in the southern state. “It took 15 hours for me to make this tattoo. I have made it because the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a good job in 4 years. He also said Pm Modi has mentioned my name and about tattoo today in BJP rally, I will never forget this day,” echoed the fan.

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