Paralysed for 10 years, still this dedicated principal Uma Sharma runs her school

The purpose of any form in life is to inspire people in many ways despite chaotic circumstances. Have you ever heard about a school principal running her school from bed despite being paralysed for a decade? Salute this lady, Uma Sharma, the Principal of National Public School in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh,

Owing to personal problems, she could have easily given up. But with intensity, tenacity, will power, grit and determination, Uma Sharma has been able to run her school with relative ease. She is still comfortable in the areas of leadership, student discipline and teacher evaluation.

Uma Sharma runs her school from bed (Credits: Firstpost)

It is learnt that half of her lower part of the body is paralysed yet, this 64-year-old lady had no complaints in life but does her duty whole-heartedly and that sums up the essential Uma Sharma for you. She reportedly lost her husband 27 years ago. And soon after, both her daughter and son passed away in a road accident, in what is a disastrous thing that happened to her.

The school students are blissfully happy and mighty pleased with the efforts put in by the principal. It is also quite fair to say that the students are lucky enough to live under the command of Uma Sharma. She set herself as an epitome of sheer class and the entire Indian nation is proud of her intrinsic efforts.

As per the report filed by ANI, Uma Sharma hasn’t even missed a single day at school despite her body condition. It has been so far so good for Uma who has been instructing school authorities from her bed though a tablet gadget and a mobile phone for the last decade. She monitors her class from her hospital bed.

Speaking in an interview with Times of India, Uma said,

“After I became fully paralysed, I decided not to give up on things, and continue engaging with what I love: administering the school on a daily basis. The first thing we did was install dish antennas at both the school and my residence so that live audio and video feeds could be transmitted,” she added.

“Our school has reached greater heights with each passing day under her guidance. We always look to her for guidance. I have never seen a greater example of someone who has not only fought back against adversity, but has given back to society as well,” said Simple Makani, coordinator of the school.

“CCTV cameras were installed all over the premises including classrooms, staff room and play ground. Uma can switch screen to monitor activities at every corner of the school through live feeds of CCTV cameras paired with her tablet,” said Surendra Chauhan, manager of the school.

“On several occasions, I would call teachers and other staffers in groups to discuss academic and administrative issues. I also invite meritorious students for a chat and pull up the weaker ones,” Uma said.

“We never felt as if she was not in school, because her virtual presence is more than anybody else’s physical presence,” said school administrator Surendra Chauhan to ANI.

Latest Update on Uma Sharma:

In what is the most difficult news to digest, the 64-year-old school principal, Uma Sharma drew her last breathe earlier this week. Uma was completely paralysed from her neck down but had fought against all odds to escort the National Public School in the district every day with technology assistance.

Known for her supreme qualities, she was deemed both as a teacher and a really good human being. Uma Sharma’s daughter Dimple Sharma said that, “My mother was as strong as Stephen Hawking.”

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