65-year-old Indian Man invents A Car which Can End Pollution Problems of the globe

Pollution causes an undesirable change in the environment which directly harms all forms of life. After all, it was the human who is the reason behind every problem in the contemporary world. The human can be the only one who can maintain the balance of creation and demolition.

65-year-old Syed Sajjad must be one of the intelligent persons right now for his innovation that is going to put an end to all the pollution problems. He created something sensational that people can only dream of. He invented a ‘Solar Car’ that purely runs on solar energy which causes no harm to the environment in what is considered as the best invention.

Credits: The Quint

Hailing from Bangalore, the wise old man proved that age is just a number for him. He showed what he was capable of doing even at a relatively older age. Following his mesmerising invention that became a sensational hit, he is popularly referred to as ‘Solar Man’. What really adds flesh to the matter is the fact that, he created Solar Car all by himself without having to seek help from others.

Syed Sajjad knows how bad the country is affected by pollution as it inspired him to create a masterpiece. He has been now operating the vehicle to good effect and has also been travelling to the desired places in his proud self-made car. So far, he has travelled 3000 km in his self-built car with the longest journey being recorded towards Delhi from Bengaluru’s Raj Bhavan.

According to a report in Hindu, he then took four full years and spent close to Rs 10 lakh to develop electric two-wheeler, and three- wheelers for differently-abled people and finally got into creating a solar-powered four-wheeler worth Rs 50,000. But with no help from the government, the vehicle cost him Rs 1 lakh.

The solar-powered vehicle weighs about 400 kg and can throttle upto a maximum speed of 30 kmph. The car can travel up to to 30 to 40 kms per day with the help of solar energy. Talking about the car’s maximum range, it is deemed to be about 100 km when it is run with a battery pack.

With the help of this vehicle, one can travel without fuel which is arguably one of the best inventions that is introduced to the world. When you invent something, the world looks up to. But, the people are least bothered about the pollution levels that have already gone from bad to worse. It seems that the late famous scientist Albert Einstein’s words became true to reality.

He once told, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” The world has become exactly the same what he predicted. Though people are relishing the modern technology, they are as well dealing the worst possible outcomes.

Knowing that the world is out of place as absolutely nothing is tangent to what is really going on, the great person like Syed Sajjad has come with up the idea of minimising the effect of pollution. Let’s hope that the government takes steps to replace the pollution cars to pollution-less cars in a bid to make the country a better and healthy place.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.