Indian Scientist Invents Magical Machine To Stop Patient Deaths In Hospitals: The Youth report

Very often in hospitals, harmful bacteria carrying infections, spreads diseases among staff and patients- who are suffering from ailments- for having weaker immunity.This can be controlled by proper housekeeping, hygiene and sanitation. Poisonous chemicals are used to eliminate airborne microbes, and people are evacuated from the room, while it gets cleaned.

But Syriac Joseph Palackal, a scientist from Vaikom in Kottayam in Kerala, has developed a unique technology, in his mission of ‘Germ-free, odour-free hospitals and houses’. In other words, this may prevent over 250 bactarial diseases.

Syriac is a reputed chemical researcher, who has worked in countries like Germany, US, Saudi Arabia and China. He along with 3 others, is a co-owner of PALCO consultants, a catalyst technology consulting company, and has 63 technologies patented under his name in the United States alone. Syriac has invented a device which uses Ultraviolet Light (UVA) and photo-catalysis (hastening of chemical reaction due to light) to decontaminate and deodorize the air and make the surround appropriate for human health.

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Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) is the most common cause of high mortality in hospitals. In India, deaths due to HAI range from 11% to as high as 83%. A. A. Mohammed Hatha, a professor of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Department of Cochin University, has approved Syriac’s invention, stating that it inactivates 99.99% bacteria. Kochi’s ‘LSS Private Limited’, and ‘Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation’ (KSIDC) have partnered with Syriac for the development of the machine.

His machine uses minimum power, makes negligible sound, and removes microbes and volatile organic compounds in the air completely, by ‘oxidising’ (destroying) them. While a similar Japanese equipment takes 75 minutes, Syriac’s machine does the work in just 0.15 seconds! The machine has lately been on a test run, expected to be launched in Thiruvananthapuram, with brand name ‘ViroBlitz’, by a company with the same name, in Angamly, Ernakulam.

Syriac is confident that his technology will give new dimensions to ‘Swachh Bharat’ and state government’s ‘Suchitwa Mission’. He has also discovered a technique, for reprocessing chemical waste at Kerala Metals and Minerals Limited (KMML)’s Chavara plant. Also, he has developed a solution for chemical industries, to help them in odour-control and making reusable water. The Youth hopes that Syriacs’s vision of protecting lives of patients and hospital staff, becomes a reality.

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