Man beaten to death over two Rotis

A man named Yash Bahadur, 45-year-old, was allegedly thrashed to death after a quarrel took place when Bahadur asked for two extra rotis. It started when Bahadur had gone to the Eatery shop in Delhi’s Daryaganj as a part of his daily routine. hailing from Nepal, Bahadur, known to have a short temper. He lived with his family.

When the waiter had asked Bahadur to wait for some-time as the rotis weren’t yet ready. He engaged in an argument over the petty issue. Following which the argument became so intense that Bahadur went off to bit off the index finger of the waiter. He didn’t stop after that too, he went ahead to pick up a stick and thrash the waiter, who is now the victim.

Post all of these, the other employees of the eatery couldn’t keep calm about the incident and the misbehaviour of Yash Bahadur. They thrashed him so badly that he got major injuries on his vital organs of the body, following which he collapsed and lost consciousness. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him brought dead. This incident happened on Saturday night. He was declared just after a few hours after the incident happened.

The two employees who were accused of thrashing up Bahadur are taken into custody and are under the police scrutiny. Even though the incident allegedly started after Bahadur lost his calm over the very issue, both of them are likely to face the music as they are now accused of beating up Bahadur that resulted in damage of two vital organs. Staying alive post this incident would have been difficult, as stated by the doctors.

This incident tells us the story that how we, the current generation, has degraded in terms of patience. Had the waiter denied the two rotis, the case would have been different. But he only asked to wait for a while.