Left His Home As He Failed in XII Boards, But Now Murali Vijay Needs No Introduction

A couple of hundreds for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League handed him a reputation of a limited overs specialist, but currently, Murali Vijay is one of the best openers around in Test match cricket and this transition of his really shocked many. With 3,180 run in 47 Tests alongside 8 tons, Vijay has cemented his spot as an opener currently.

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Most of us know Murali Vijay after the IPL had started but how was his personal life is something many are oblivious to. They say Test cricket is the most mentally challenging format of the game and all the turmoils and predicaments that he had gone through just made him what he is today.

Born on 1 April 1984, Vijay was a quintessential Indian kid, who just loved to spend time playing cricket with friends on the streets and elsewhere. But one of the greatest challenges that he had to come across was the time when Vijay flocked his board exams in XII standard and was completely unaware of what his future endeavors would be.

He had promised his mom and dad that he wouldn’t commit suicide or do anything stupid and left his house to explore himself as an adult.. A will to live on his own feet and not to become a burden on his parents who were already going through a financial predicament speaks volumes of the 17 year old Vijay’s courage and audacity.


That summer when he left his house, Vijay checked into a hotel room which had no beds and slept on the floor along with a driver and another person.

My sister scored 98 per cent in Class XII. I got 40. My outlook was to get out there, travel, meet people and do something. Bookish knowledge never appealed to me. I got no kick out of it. I was not a bad student, mind you!” he said in an interview with The Indian Express. Most of us can imagine how that must feel to live in a family where everyone are so concerned about every mark.

That hotel which he lived in T Nagar became his home for the next six months or so and that marked the beginning of an all new chapter in Murali Vijay’s life.

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