9 interesting secrets of Prime Minister Modi everyone should know

As the citizens of India, you must know these secrets of your Prime Minister.

  1. The patriot within-

We have always known our PM, Narendra Modi as a patriotic person who wishes nothing but the betterment of the nation. But the lesser known fact being that he has been a patriot since an early age of 15 years. As a

15-year-old Modi, he had volunteered during the Indo- Pak war of 1965.

photo credit- dnaindia.com


  1. Love for Gujarat-

Narendra Modi won hearts of Gujarat people long time ago. The love for Gujarat, his native place, has been known to all. But not everyone knows the fact that he had helped and volunteered tremendously when Gujarat was hit by floods and had faced devastation.

  1. The destiny’s call-

As a child, he was born into an OBC family hand had always had plans into becoming a Sanyasi. But the destiny had something else in its box, undoubtedly. From being a person on the verge of becoming a Sanyasi, he went on to become a politician and a volunteer in wars.

  1. The self- conscious Modi-

After Narendra Modi gained all the popularity and came full-fledged into politics, Narendra Modi’s fashion sense became a new rush in the younger generations. The Modi jacket is no less popular. Modi has always been very conscious about his public appearances. He doesn’t prefer going out in a clumsy way or less appealing manner.

  1. When mother is the entire universe-

There have been controversies about Narendra Modi’s ‘no attention’ towards any of his family members. But in many interviews, he reportedly said that he respected and adored his mother more than anyone. And also, there are many pictures which display Mr. Modi taking his mother’s blessings. In fact sources suggest that he always asks queries about the health of his mother.

  1. The poet within-

Modi also happens to be a writer and has many poems penned down in Gujarati, his mother tongue. Even this happens to be a lesser known fact that many people seem to be oblivious too.

  1. The passionate self-

Narendra Modi is the most workaholic politician one can come across. Many people tend to overlook the fact that Mr. Modi hardly sleeps for 3 hours and works a lot for the betterment of the nation.

  1. The famous ‘chaiwala’-

Again, not a secret, but Mr. Modi ran a tea stall at the State Transport office, with his brother. The lesser known fact being, he hardly earned anything for days on stretch. This was the period of his life when he faced the worst of the phases.

9. The Common deeds

Like any ordinary citizen of this country, Prime Minister Modi often possessed a longing to appear on TV to convey his appealing thoughts to others. In an interview, well known journalist Rajdeep Sardesai shared his old experience with Modi. The story goes back to the late 90s when Rajdeep invited Modi for a news debate. Receiving the invitation, Modi promptly got ready to have a mirthful moment before cameras, however; as a typical Gujarati, he was reluctant to spend his pocket bucks to travel to the studio, therefore he asked them for fare.