Bengaluru’s mechanical engineer restores more than 100 lakes, improves ground water level

Anand Malligavad, a dedicated mechanical engineer from Bengaluru, has made remarkable strides in addressing the city’s water crisis. He has successfully revived over 100 lakes, significantly improving the groundwater levels. Known as the “Malligavad Lake Man,” his efforts have been crucial in rejuvenating Bengaluru’s water resources. Despite his impactful contributions, Anand faces death threats instead of the recognition he deserves.

India’s lakeman Anand Malligavad has transformed more than 100 lakes, inspired by the techniques of the Chola dynasty. His methods restore ecological balance with native trees and aquatic plants. The results include a rise in groundwater levels and the return of migratory birds. States like UP and Orissa seek his expertise because his methodology is cost-effective.

Overall he has been successful in vacating 90 acres of encroached land on the lake. With his technology, he can rejuvenate a lake for Rs 5-10 lakh per acre, whereas the government spends Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore per acre. He faces death threats and false cases from the builder lobby regularly. He believes in becoming a changemaker and not an activist. Despite the threats, Anand Malligavad remains steadfast in his mission, exemplifying the impact of individual action for environmental and community change.

The rapidly increasing population and urbanization of Bengaluru has further aggravated the water crisis. Nearly half of the city’s water needs are met by groundwater, which is depleting at an alarming rate due to over-exploitation. People like Anand are not only improving the environment through water conservation efforts but are also ensuring a sustainable future for future generations.

This effort of Anand Malligavad is not only an excellent example of environmental protection but also shows that community cooperation and individual dedication can bring about positive change on a large scale.

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