Viral: 10-year-old child starts food Thela on street after father’s death, earns 1500 daily

These days, a new trend is going on on social media, several street food stall owners in Delhi are gaining popularity on social media by making their videos viral. Similarly, a 10-year-old child also sets up a food stall on the streets of Delhi, this is not his hobby to become famous but it is a sad story due to which he is bearing the burden of responsibilities at such a young age.

The viral clip posted on Instagram by food vlogger Sarabjit Singh showed Jaspreet expertly preparing chicken egg rolls and went viral. Jaspreet Singh is the name of the 10-year-old viral kid, who is selling rolls for his livelihood on the streets of Delhi. Sharing his story with food vlogger Sarabjit, Jaspreet revealed that he had tragically lost his father to brain tuberculosis not long ago.

The child further revealed that he has acquired the skills of preparing various rolls and wraps from his father and has taken up the responsibility of running the food cart after his father’s demise. The video gained popularity quickly after being shared and became viral within a week. Jaspreet also has a 14-year-old sister who helps him, their mother returned to Punjab. Both sisters and brothers live with their uncle in Delhi.

Jaspreet told in the video that he goes to school in the morning. After arriving at 2 o’clock, he goes to tuition till 4 o’clock and then sets up a food cart from 6 to 11 o’clock. He studies in class 6 and his sister Taranpreet Kaur is a class 8 student. They study in government schools in West Delhi.

After watching Jaspreet’s video, many social media influencers, actors, and renowned personalities are sharing his video and praising his courage. Recently, actor Arjun Kapoor shared the story of the child offering educational help and wrote, ‘With a smile on his face, he is facing life ahead and all that comes with it. I salute this 10-year-old for showing the courage to stand on his own feet.” I will take over his father’s work within 10 days of his demise. Anyone who knows where he is, please let me know. ‘

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