Indian Student gets 92 Lakh package from ChatGPT, will work in openAI segment

A young engineer, Kevin Karthik, showcased his remarkable abilities by securing an offer from Google during his college days. Over the years, he continued to excel in his field and refine his skills. Recently, Kevin announced his transition from Google to OpenAI through posts on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Describing his tenure there, he said, “Google is more than a workplace; it’s a furnace of growth and innovation that defined my 20s.” “The opportunity to work with phenomenal leaders and teammates was nothing short of a privilege, and I am deeply grateful for the invaluable lessons and experiences I have gained.”

Greg Brockman, President and Co-Founder of OpenAI, warmly welcomed Karthik, acknowledging his arrival at the artificial intelligence start-up. Brockman wrote, “Welcome to the team”, to which Karthik responded with gratitude. Karthik seeks to use ChatGPT to “harness the transformative power of AI” at OpenAI, signaling his commitment to advancing artificial intelligence technologies.

OpenAI, headquartered in San Francisco and led by CEO Sam Altman, has been the focus of attention in the tech world. Altman was briefly removed from the company last November, but he returned with a new board, initiating significant changes.

The remarkable career path Karthik has taken from IIT-Madras to Google to OpenAI reflects the extent of his accomplishments. In 2013, he was one of the three IITians offered a remarkable Rs 92 lakh salary placement by Google, demonstrating his talent and potential.

After ten years of qualification at Google, this engineer has now decided to join OpenAI. OpenAI is an entrepreneurial and innovative organization working to become a leader in modern technology production and communication.

Seeing this announcement in Kavin Karthik’s Twitter post, users flooded the comments congratulating him. OpenAI’s President and CO Founder also commented welcoming Kevin to the team. Kevin has also replied to Greg Brockman warmly thanking him.

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