Check out what you require to become a CID officer, details inside

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is an integral part of the law enforcement agency created by the government. Becoming a CID (Central Intelligence Department) officer is a proud and important career choice. The work of these officers involves education and training in the areas of discretion, ethics, and safety. Candidates who want to become a successful CID officer then they should know how to become a CID officer. From this article, you will be able to learn how to become a CID officer.

To become a CID officer, candidates need to pursue graduation in Criminology and it will help if the candidate has qualified the CSE exam. This will ultimately help the candidate to crack the UPSC exam, and later the candidate can join the CID team as a Sub-Inspector. A candidate can also join the police force and then qualify through an examination to become a CID officer. Any person qualified as a Crime Investigation Department Officer must be physically fit and ready to take risks in any situation and must also be mentally strong to face the situations.

A candidate who wants to be a part of CID must have A class result which is above 50% grade. This is the minimum requirement to join CID and also for the post of Assistant Inspector. To become a Sub-Inspector, a candidate must be a graduate. If the candidate has a Bachelor’s in Criminology, it can act as an added advantage. Many universities in India offer relevant courses.

To excel as a CID officer in India, individuals need a diverse set of competencies, including effective communication, analytical and critical thinking prowess, keen attention to detail, adept problem-solving abilities, physical fitness, technical proficiency, strong interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, a sound understanding of legal matters, and emotional intelligence.

A CID (Criminal Investigation Department) officer is tasked with a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. These include delving into serious and intricate criminal cases, executing raids and searches, interrogating both suspects and witnesses, upholding law and order, offering intelligence support to other agencies, and presenting testimonies in court.

The highest salary of an officer of the Crime Investigation Department is around Rs 32,000 per month. Although the amount is not that big, working for the police department is prestigious in itself. As the experience of the officer increases, the pay scale also increases. There are different profiles of a CID officer and the salary of all of them is also different.

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