Bangladeshi Muslims get fake documents in West Bengal and illegally become Indian citizen

The problem of illegal settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims in West Bengal through fraudulent identity cards is becoming a serious concern. Recently, the police received information that a Bangladeshi Muslim came to West Bengal and got a fake identity and he also kept coming and going to India illegally. This is not the first case, many such cases are always heard from West Bengal where Bangladeshi Muslims are being settled illegally by creating fake identities.

The police have seized the passport of the person whose information they have received and his fake Aadhaar card as evidence. According to the viral video, officers say that as soon as this Bangladeshi guy comes to India, he gets an Indian Aadhaar card. In Bangladesh, this guy’s name is Hasmat Khalifa and in India, he changed his name to Sujan Sekh on his Aadhaar card.

Even changed his name. And even changed his age. He has also changed the names of his parents and changed his entire identity. According to the officer, this fake Aadhaar card has been made in West Bengal and now an investigation will be done and efforts will be made to get the remaining information. This person has come to India legally thrice and the remaining times he has come to India illegally.

Illegal settlement of Bangladeshi Muslims in Bengal is a serious problem that requires sensible and strict action. Government and security agencies are facing difficulties to support and control this problem. The viral video has been viewed by more than 4 million people. And all kinds of reactions are coming to the fore.

One user writes, “West Bengal mini Pakistan”.

Another user writes, “Strictest punitive action should be taken against those committing such fraud in India and they should be sentenced to stay in jail for life.”

Another user writes, “It has been built in West Bengal, which means TMC Mamata must also be in collusion in this.”

Another user writes, “Similarly, the population of Muslims is increasing in India.”

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