“My B**bs are in good shape, I will not wear Burqa,” Urfi Javed trolls Islamic extremists

Urfi Javed, who has raised her voice for self-promotion and independence, recently gave her opinion regarding religion in an interview given to Hauterrfly. In this interview, Urfi Javed gave many statements. When it comes to religion, Urfi Javed said, “I have always been open about the fact that I do not believe in any religion.” I have not taken the contract for Islam.”

Urfi Javed’s interesting fashion choices often catch the attention of the media. Her pictures and bold avatars often grab attention and break the internet within minutes. She is also trolled a lot because of her strange dressing choices. Urfi is not bothered by the trolling and criticism she faces for wearing clothes as per her wish.

In an interview given to Hauterrfly, Urfi Javed gave a savage reply to all the extremists who say, “Urfi Javed should be ashamed that being a Muslim, she wears such clothes.” On this, Urfi Javed says, “I have always said openly that I don’t believe in any religion but still people tell me this. But I have never heard this for terrorists, “Being a Muslim, he killed so many people.” And when a Muslim man marries four times in Islam, he divorces his wife by saying talaq thrice and When he beats his wife and children, no one says that he is a Muslim, you should feel ashamed.

Further in the interview, Urfi is asked, “Has no one asked you why you do not wear a burqa? Urfi Javed gives a very good response on this too,” In my childhood, I have been asked many times to wear hijab to cover my breasts. Instead, I replied, “No, I don’t want to cover them because I have a good set of boobs.”.

Through this interview, Urfi Javed has given an important message that self-reliance and independence mean acceptance and support of individual choices. She is proving through this interview that women can make their own decisions about their health and retail choices in their lives.

Urfi Javed experiments with her style and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that all eyes are on her whenever she steps out of her house. She is famous for his DIY videos on social media. From making a top from stockings to wearing a dress made from garbage – Urfi has done it all in her online post.

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