Shameful men force a horse to smoke a cigarette, users react on Twitter

Uttarakhand Police has taken cognizance of a viral video in which two individuals were seen forcing a horse to smoke in Kedarnath. They have ensured that an investigation is underway. This is an extremely heinous crime, particularly committing such a disgusting act in a sacred place, and that too with an animal is highly shameful.

In their tweet, the police mentioned that they are trying to identify the individuals seen in the video. “We are all aware of the popular video that depicts a horse being forced to smoke. We are trying to identify the people shown in the video,” tweeted Uttarakhand Police.

Two people are seen forcing a horse to smoke while stuffing a joint in its nostrils in the frightening 27-second video that is going viral on social media. One of the individuals seals the horse’s nostrils and covers its mouth with his hands, while the other wraps paper around the animal’s nose. After a few seconds, the horse can be seen exhaling smoke, indicating that it was forced to inhale again. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India responded when Twitter users tagged the group on their posts. It confirmed that the identity of the horse’s caretaker seen in the video had been identified.

“PETA India is working on this. The caretaker of the horse seen in the video has been identified, and efforts are being made to ascertain the animal’s whereabouts. The sub-divisional magistrate of Kedarnath has given directions regarding the necessary action in this matter. No formal complaint has been filed by the police yet. PETA stated that we have offered any support required in this case.”

In a later response to the video, actress Raveena Tandon urged Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to act and detain those responsible. “Can we stop the ongoing mistreatment of horses in our holy places?” She tweeted. What karma or prayer are these people benefiting from when they harm the innocent? This reel going viral from #Kedarnath. Can they be arrested?” Many other Twitter users expressed their anguish and demanded strict action against the culprits shown in the video.

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