Man commits suicide after getting harassed by Wife, records his last message on camera

Before death, a young man told the truth about his wife. He made a 12-minute video accusing his wife of having a relationship with someone else before marriage and as evidence of divorce, the in-laws demanded Rs 60 lakh in dowry, according to media reports.

In the video, Arun states that he is distressed with his life and no longer wishes to live. The victim claims that ever since their marriage in February 2019, there were no demands made before the wedding. Whatever the girl’s family gave was willingly offered.

After the wedding, Arun’s wife, Sheetal, told him on their first night that her family forced her into this marriage. She had been in love with another guy named Manish for 5 years before the wedding. Sheetal’s father discovered this, which led to the arranged marriage. Arun neither informed his family nor Sheetal’s family about this incident.

Since then, Sheetal started creating tension in the household. She would pick fights with Arun’s sister-in-law, which caused a rift between Arun and his brother and sister-in-law. Sheetal would repeatedly engage in arguments and then go to her father’s place. Instead of trying to understand her, Sheetal’s family threatened Arun when he complained to them about her behavior. The accused parties demanded 6 million rupees from Arun’s in-laws to grant Sheetal a divorce.

They told Arun that if he couldn’t pay the money, he should give up his life. Disturbed by this, Arun hanged himself in his room on October 19. Upon learning about the suicide, the police arrived and conducted a post-mortem examination of Arun’s body. Meanwhile, the family found a video on Arun’s mobile phone before his death, in which he made several accusations against Sheetal and her in-laws. After the video came to light, the police registered a case under relevant sections and initiated an investigation.”

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