Kangana Ranaut takes a dig At Pathaan Box Office Success, catch details

Kangana Ranaut is a bold-spirited lady who hails from Himachal Pradesh. From a girl who wanted to be a doctor to becoming an actress, her journey has been well and truly remarkable. She gave her first movie hit with “Gangster” and now, the actress directs her movies herself.

It is well-known that the Bollywood industry has largely been influenced by people who haven’t heir link-ups in the industry. The so-called star kids of already established ones are already in the headlines for all the reasons and are allowed to stay there despite their success or failure.

On the contrary, talented ones are struggling to set their feet. However, Kangana Ranaut defeated nepotism and made it big in Bollywood. She always speaks the truth and take stands on issues that matter. She has also fought with the big stars of the industry, singlehandedly.

Kangana Ranaut takes a dig At Pathaan Box Office Success

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut who once deactivated Twitter account is now finally back to the micro-blogging portal. Every now and then, she comes up with her bold and straightforward opinion on her Twitter handle.

She went on to take a dig at Pathaan box office success while reacting to a Bollywood producer’s tweet that lauded Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and the film Pathaan.

The Bollywood producer’s tweet read, “Big Congratulations to @iamsrk & @deepikapadukone for the runaway success of #Pathaan!!! It proves 1) Hindu Muslims love SRK equally 2) Boycotts controversies don’t harm but help the film 3) Erotica & Good music works 4) India is super secular.”

Here’s how Kangana Ranaut responded:

“Very good analysis… this country has only and only loved all Khans and at times only and only Khans…And obsessed over Muslim actresses, so it’s very unfair to accuse India of hate and fascism … there is no country like Bharat in the whole world.”