3 Best Advanced Slot Machines in the World Today

Today’s massive slot games necessitate widespread progressive networks. As you might expect, wide-area advanced machines are connected to a considerably larger number of devices, often even including equipment from other physical and online casinos like BetShah across the state or the country. This means huge jackpots for players in jurisdictions with a long gambling history, like Nevada and Pennsylvania.

On March 21, 2003, a progressive jackpot payout of $3.1 million was made at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. This was the greatest payout in the history of slot machines. The software engineer bet $100 on IGT’s Megabucks and won a whopping $39,710,896.36, the highest jackpot in Vegas history despite the staggering odds of 1 in 16.7 million.

Here are three of the finest progressive slot machines currently available.

1. Megabucks

The first is Megabucks from IGT Interactive. Megabucks, the first widely available progressive machine, is still played by many people today. The Megabucks is a three-dollar slot machine with a maximum payout of one million dollars for players who wager a maximum of three dollars every spin. After a progressive payout, the device will automatically reset to the original $10 million base jackpot value.

The Megabucks is the slot machine with the highest payout history, including the record-breaking $39 million. Until then, the most recent Megabucks jackpot was won on March 22, 2016, at the Gold Dust West Casino in Elko, Nevada, for over $12.5 million. Megabucks awarded $1,239,830,000 in prizes between 1994 and 2009, or an average of $77,489,375 per year. 

Remember that the only place you can play Megabucks is in Nevada. Visitors to Silver State need not worry about not being able to locate a Megabucks machine. Megabucks slot machines can be found at dozens of casinos around the greater Las Vegas and Reno areas. The a2zlasvegas.com site reports that the frequency of Megabucks jackpot hits over the previous few years has averaged out to one per year, with the highest frequency reaching three times per year. Megabucks continues to draw crowds because of its consistently large jackpots (often over $10 million).

2. Wheel of Fortune Slots

Playing Wheel of Fortune will feel familiar to those who have watched the popular game show. With each push of the button, the “Wheel” atop the machine spins, and the game show theme song plays.

Games of IGT’s Wheel of Fortune can be played for 25 cents, a dollar, or five dollars. When playing Wheel of Fortune Quarter, you need to wager three coins, or 75 cents, to win the jackpot. The prize is reset to $200,000 after a win. In recent years, the 25-cent variant of Wheel of Fortune has averaged at least one jackpot payout each month, making it the game’s most frequent but lowest-paying option. There are a couple of those that pay more than $1 million.

The minimum wager on the Wheel of Fortune Dollar slot machine is $2. Payouts can be made in lump sums or split into 25 annual installments if the winner prefers. In the event of a jackpot win, the machine will automatically return to its initial base value of $1,000,000. At this time, the most recent $1 million jackpot on Wheel of Fortune was won on June 9, 2016, at the luxurious Red Rock Casino and Spa in Las Vegas.

While the jackpots on Wheel of Fortune Dollar are far less than those on Megabucks, the game provides more frequent prizes. Over the past two years, there have been 17 jackpot winners totaling more than $1 million, as reported on the a2zlasvegas website. The prize pool was still sufficient to warrant the risk.

Two coins, or $10 in wagers, are needed to play on a $5 slot machine called Wheel of Fortune Five Dollar and win the jackpot. When the prize is won, the ante is returned to a starting point of $1,000,000.00. If they choose, prize money can be paid out to winners in annual installments.

Not surprisingly, the Five Dollar slot machine has the lowest payout frequency of any Wheel of Fortune slot machine, with annual jackpots averaging between one and a few dollars. However, awards frequently exceed $1 million; some have been as high as $3 million.

3. Saturday Night Live Slots

Bally Gaming’s Saturday Night Live is a fan favorite, and for a good reason: the game’s many iterations and the chance at enormous bonuses and networked progressive jackpots make it one of the company’s most popular slot machines. A typical machine’s jackpot will begin at $10,000 and increase from there. However, the potential payoff for such devices is significantly increased by their connection to local or wide-area networks.

The Church Lady is one variant that introduces new features, such as the Canned Ham and Church Hat bonus play. In Wayne’s World, a Guitar feature can reward you with 15 times your wager, and an Offer feature can reward you with 1,000 times your bet. Consequently, there is a chance for huge jackpot prizes.


The jackpots at wide-area progressive slots regularly exceed $1 million, earning them a reputation for life-changing awards. As a result, the vicinity of linked advanced machines is often one of the busiest in a casino, with players drawn by the bright lights and jingling bells signaling the possibility of huge payouts. When you play a progressive slot machine, the jackpot amount will grow in size and brightness as you play. Playing advanced slot machines is already exciting, but this only ups the stakes even further.

The fact that you, the player, are up against not just the random number generator housed in each machine but also your fellow players adds an extra dimension of excitement to the proceedings. You could compete against thousands of other players for the same jackpot simultaneously, as wide-area networks can connect tens of thousands of machines across a region or state boundaries. 

Understand, however, that there is a minimum bet that must be placed. Players must wager a certain amount on each spin to be eligible for the maximum jackpot on most progressive machines. You cannot win the progressive jackpot if the minimum wager is $2 and you only bet $1. Even if the maximum payoff was in the millions, you might still receive a respectable sum, such as $5,000.

If you believed you were going for the big prize, this could come as quite a shock. However, you shouldn’t fret. The minimum bet required to be eligible for the progressive jackpot should be displayed on each machine. Try the “Help” option if you can’t locate it on the machine’s exterior. If that fails, ask a staff member to determine where the minimum bet is printed. If you ask another player, they, too, can be led astray.

An additional excitement for the responsible gambler can be found in playing progressive slots on wide-area networks. If you set aside a manageable amount of money and keep track of how much time you spend gambling, you can spend an entertaining hour or so feeling like you’re just one wager away from creating gaming history and going home truly rich.

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