South actresses who boldly talked about casting couch, read details

Casting couch is something which has been happening behind the scenes and it is not at all a new concept rather it is as old as our civilization. People started noticing it very recently. Several actresses have been a victim of harassment in the Film Industry as well.

The casting couch is a practice of asking for sexual favours from a job applicant in exchange for a job in the entertainment industry, especially acting roles. The casting couch originally referred to physical couches in the casting office. This practice is termed illegal in the United States.

Male casting directors, as well as, film producers use the casting couch in a bid to extract sex from ambitious actresses in Hollywood, Bollywood and other segments of the cinema industry.

Time and again actresses have spoken up against the casting couch and harassment. Previously, #MeToo movement hit the headlines which exposed some popular names from several professional fields across the country.

South actresses who boldly talked about casting couch

1. Parvathy

“Of course there is casting couch in the Malayalam industry. I don’t understand why it comes as a surprise at all. It is there in many other industries also. It’s a reality; why are we even shocked about it? I haven’t faced casting couch in any other industry, including Tamil, Kannada or Hindi, but only in the Malayalam industry. It was sort of an obligation. See, we gave you the break; and I was like, ‘What break, dude? I already did my job and I don’t think I have to do anything more’.”

2. Rakul Preet Singh

In an interview to, Rakul said, “People have been talking about the casting couch a lot. But I just feel that they talk more about us because we are under the scanner and the limelight. I personally have done so many films and I have never, ever come across a single person who has tried to act funny with me. To each one, their own. Talent is what survives and your hard work is going to get you places. I have always believed in that and I guess that’s why I don’t even attract people like that.”

3. Aishwarya Rajesh

“Now I’ve been around for five years or so. Initially, I did face this a lot. It will sound disgusting to even listen to the kind of things people say. But I think things have changed with new directors and corporates coming into cinema.”