When Anushka Sharma Reacted To ‘Catfights In Bollywood’, read details

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is one of the successful actresses in the Hindi film industry. She is the wife of former Indian captain Virat Kohli. The most beloved of all celebrity couples, Anushka and Virat finally tied the knot in Italy, after years of dating.

When the couple initially started dating they were surrounded by a lot of controversies. But they persevered and as a result, they now share a beautiful baby girl, Vamika.  

Anushka Sharma is the daughter of army officer Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma and his wife Ashima Sharma. She was born in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. This beautiful actress turned producer rose to fame with her first debut big at the box office quite quickly.

When Anushka Sharma Reacted To ‘Catfights In Bollywood’, read details

She is not only an actor today, but she has also produced films such as “Patal Lok” and ” Bulbbul,” which had a huge impact on the audience.

When Anushka Sharma Reacted To ‘Catfights In Bollywood’

The Bollywood industry is a vast sector in which many artists collaborate. At times, some situations may arise in which two people engage in an argument or a full-fledged brawl. In actuality, this has already occurred and will continue to occur.

When Anushka Sharma was asked about the catfights in Bollywood, she added that people feel that female actors are not professionals.

Inuth.com quoted Anushka Sharma saying, “I don’t think such stories come out anymore. Mujhe lagta hai log expect bhi nahi karte (I don’t think people expect them anymore either). I feel now, it’s only the media that – sometimes – talks about such things because unfortunately, some people feel that we (female actors) aren’t professionals. The misconception is that ‘arrey, ladkiyan hai (they are girls), so they will just come in and start fighting with each other.”

“We (female actors) have a lot of work and various things to do. We are very busy, handling our lives as well as careers. We really don’t have the time to do such nonsensical bickering. We are not (standing) on the streets. Like mature people, we have a lot of responsibility towards ourselves,” added Anushka Sharma further.