Peek Inside the Mind of a Creature of the Night

Maybe it’s Mumbai’s infectious positivity or the rider’s insatiablehunger for adventure. But whatever it is, it drives these zesty bikers to keep moving and never settle. They can be found in groups during the quiet hours of the night, always seeking a thrill, thoroughly enjoying the gusts of wind blowing away the mind’s clutter and allowing contemplation.

In the hustle bustle of Mumbai, a rider writes his destiny

With pure grit and determination

He bows,never to step back

Or deter from his trajectory

Amidst the crowdy streets of Mumbai,

Where people chase their dreams

Where people search relentlessly for their purpose,

A rider looks in wonder and feels a sense of belonging

People call them by many names,

They go by ‘nocturnal spirit’, ‘wanderer’, ‘rover’and so on.

They’re so fast that people can only catch a glimpse

Or see a silhouette of a man who’s sure of himself.

An epitome of grace andvalour

They don’t need validation

Many questionstheirjudgment

But when has a lion concerned himself with the opinion of sheep?