8 B’wood Stars Who Have Had To Deal With Crazy Followers, Details Inside

For anyone, being stalked is a terrifying experience. Even for superstars who have a security team to look after them. Sadly, despite the security measures in place, Bollywood superstars are subjected to surveillance.

In some cases, stalkers went so far as to threaten the celebrity with bodily harm if they refused to comply with their demands. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of eight occasions in which famous Bollywood artists were stalked by irate fans who believed they had the right to invade their privacy.

1. Sushmita Sen 

Sushmita Sen’s obsessive stalker showered her with pricey gifts. She shrugged it aside until she received a wedding gown and accessories from the same man. When her stalker threatened to kill himself if she didn’t marry him, things went awry. She then filed a legal complaint against him as a result of this.

2. John Abraham

Every girl’s fantasy man is John Abraham. However, it came out that he was being followed by an obsessed individual. Following Dostana, one of his followers began feverishly calling his phone numbers every day, requesting a private meeting with the actor. He even got in touch with John’s parents. He ultimately filed a complaint against him since he was fed up with his behaviour.

3. Hrithik Roshan 

Hrithik Roshan has a large fan base in any place he visits. When a Russian woman named Anna began pursuing him, it became clear that he had a large fan base in Russia. The girl used to hang out in front of his apartment and even tried to break in on several occasions. Later, Hrithik Roshan filed a police report against her.

4. Sunny Leone 

Sunny Leone’s followers adore her to the point where one actually threatened to hurt her at her home. A handful of fans reportedly cyberbullied her on social media. She used to carry a knife with her when she had to open a door for a visitor, as she was disturbed by these happenings.

5. Shruti Haasan 

Shruti Haasan had a run-in with a stalker who was a member of her team as well. He had a habit of unexpectedly showing up at my house. When Shruti tried to create boundaries, he tried to strangle her. Her stalker was the subject of an official complaint.

6. Akshay Kumar 

In order to meet Akshay Kumar in Mumbai, a woman once ran away from her home in Lucknow. She cut her wrist after failing to meet him. The actor took her to the hospital and even covered the cost of her treatment.

7 . Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor is a Bollywood actor who is well-known for hisVastavikta Pandit, the daughter of actor Raaj Kumar, stalked Shahid Kapoor. She used to follow him around everywhere and even claimed to be Shahid’s wife. She even purchased a home near his to be closer to him.

8 . Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan’s celebrity skyrocketed after he was proposed to by a female outside his home. Despite his best efforts to remain cool, the woman went beyond and began frantically calling his family and workers. That’s when he had to call the cops to deal with the situation.