Meet India’s richest women in 2021: From Savitri Jindal to Kiran-Mazumdar Shaw

Forbes magazine has issued its annual ranking of the world’s wealthiest people. “During the second year of the pandemic, India’s wealthiest people saw a 50 per cent increase in their total wealth. Mukesh Ambani has retained his position as India’s wealthiest person for the 14th year in a row (since 2008), adding $4 billion to his net worth in the process.

Gautam Adani, who has a fortune of $74.8 billion, is currently only $17.9 billion behind Anil Ambani in terms of wealth. Savitri Jindal has re-entered the top ten with an estimated net worth of $18 billion. Four pharmaceutical billionaires saw their fortunes dwindle. India’s 100 wealthiest people are now worth $775 billion, according to Forbes

“Forbes made the following statement: Check out the list of the six wealthiest Indian women in 2021.

1. Savitri Jindal is a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $8 billion.

Meet India's richest women in 2021: From Savitri Jindal to Kiran-Mazumdar Shaw

Savitri Jindal is the chairperson of The Jindal Group, which has ventured into the steel, power, cement and infrastructure industries. Savitri tops the list of the richest Indian women.

The 70-year-old took over the position after the death of her husband and founder of the group, Om Prakash Jindal in 2005 in a helicopter crash. Following his death, the business was divided among his four sons. However, it must be noted that the company saw massive growth in a short span of time after Savitri Jindal took over the company.

2. Vinod Rai Gupta, the chairman and CEO of Havells India, has a net worth of $7.6 billion.

Founded by Vinod’s late husband Qimat Rai Gupta in 1958 as an electrical trading business, Vinod Rai Gupta and her son Anil Rai Gupta took over the reins of the company after the founder’s death due to cardiac arrest in 2014.

Gupta is the only woman on the list who saw her net worth decline this year. She lost about 11.25% of her wealth. Hence, her net worth declined from $4 billion in 2019 to $3.55 billion in 2020. However, in 2021, her net worth increased to $7.6 billion

3. Leena Tewari, a USV alumna with a net worth of $4.4 billion, is the richest woman in the world.

She is the chairperson of the private healthcare provider USV Pharma. She occupies the fourth spot on the list with a staggering wealth of $3 billion. In 2020, Leena Tewari saw a $1.08 billion gain in her net worth, which is a 56.25% raise from her $1.92 billion in 2019.

4. Divya Gokulnath of BYJU’s has a combined net worth of $4.05 billion, according to Forbes.

Divya Gokulnath is an Indian entrepreneur and educator who is the co-founder and director of Byju’s, an educational technology company. As per Forbes, she has a combined net worth o $4.05 billion.

5. Mallika Srinivasan is the CEO of TAFE Limited, and she has a net worth of $2.89 billion dollars.

Chairman & Managing Director of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Mallika Srinivasan is ranked at 5th place in the list with a net worth of $2.89 billion.

Her company is the world’s third-largest tractor maker and the moneymaker of the family business. It is worth mentioning here that Srinivasan’s net worth has significantly increased, but at the same time, she also moved up six slots on the Forbes’ Richest Indians list since 2019.