10 most fascinating facts about Delhi that will astound you

The various facts about Delhi originate not just from its massive quantity of old and historical artefacts but is also the home to all three departments of the country’s government.

With a lengthy history of imperial reorganizations ranging from the Delhi Sultanate to the Mughals and then the British, the metropolitan city is now one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Tourists and residents alike adore Delhi, which is known as a city of wisdom and heat!

The following are the top 10 facts about the capital of India that will astound you:

New Delhi and Delhi are two separate cities

Isn’t this an exciting truth about Delhi? However, New Delhi and Delhi are indeed two different cities. New Delhi serves as the country’s capital. However, Delhi is the more significant metropolis inside which New Delhi is a “territory” created by the British to transfer money from Kolkata to Delhi. The three arms of the Indian government — the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary – are all housed in New Delhi.

The Red Fort used to be completely white

10 most fascinating facts about Delhi that will astound you

The famous Red Fort, which symbolizes Delhi’s majesty, was once white. According to an archaeological study, the Fort was built of limestone, and when the stone began to deteriorate, the British painted it red to preserve it.

Delhi is India’s most important commercial Hub

Delhi is considered to be the most important commercial Hub in northern India. Together with production and sales, Delhi has a large and quickly expanding retail industry.

Delhi used to be surrounded by 14 gateways

Originally, Delhi was guarded by 14 gates, but only five remain today. The Kashmere Gate, erected by Robert Smith in 1835, is the city’s northernmost gate. The Ajmeri Gate, built in 1644, has a prominent position facing Ajmer.

The main gateway to the Red Fort is known as the ‘Lahori gate.’ Another entrance to the Red Fort is through the ‘Delhi Gate,’ also known as the ‘Dilli Darwaza.

Delhi is presently the world’s 2nd -most populous metropolitan city

Delhi is the second most populated country after China. As per the 2015 census, Delhi has a population of approximately 25 million people.

Delhi is considered to be the most populous metropolitan city in India

There are around Eleven political regions in the city, which has been divided into 95 police stations.

Delhi is also considered to be the world’s second-most bird-rich capital

Delhi is the world’s second most bird-rich capital. A great number of bird species live on the Delhi ridge.

Delhi is home to Asia’s largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market

10 most fascinating facts about Delhi that will astound you

In addition to the spice market, Delhi is home to Asia’s largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables. The Azadpur market is about 80 acres in size. Do not hesitate to share these facts with your friends and family, as they will be surprised.

Delhi has a fascinating museum of toilets

As absurd as this truth about Delhi may appear, the museum of toilets conveys an important lesson about sanitation history. It’s called the Sulabh International Museum, and it’s run by Sulabh International, a non-profit organisation dedicated to spreading the message about hygiene around the world. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak established the museum in 1992.