This is how Mukesh Ambani treated Akash, Anant and Isha during their school days

Mukesh Ambani is also one of the most humble and simplest persons one would come across. His wife Nita Ambani said that she liked Mukesh’s simplicity and humility during the time of their courtship. Due to Mukesh’s busy schedule, the couple could only go out for one hour at night and just wander around the streets of Mumbai.

Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in Asia and India and his wife Nita Ambani are careful about their three children. They have been strict in satisfying all the needs of their children. At the same time, both of them are very strict in terms of parenting.

In a recent interview with “Verve” magazine, the world’s fourth-richest man Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani told that her children led a very normal life. Mukesh Ambani further added saying that even if the children are not in the top 1 per cent in terms of academics, their fundamentals should be clear.

This is how Mukesh Ambani treated Akash, Anant and Isha during their school days
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Talking about the school days of his children, India’s richest man told that once his elder son Akash Ambani had asked him that if he had a scientific calculator then what is the use of remembering the tables. After hearing this, Mukesh Ambani told Akash that he should use his mind properly. Before going to bed, he should summarise the addition and multiplication table.

Mukesh Ambani is a simple and down-to-earth person who prefers the same for his food. He is a hardcore vegetarian and has even followed the code when he lives alone in the USA during the 1970s when he was studying at Stanford. Although Mukesh Ambani eats eggs, he avoids the meat of any sort.

Mukesh has never consumed alcohol in his life. He is also a pure vegetarian by food habits. His favourite foods are chapati, rice and dal. He does not mind eating anywhere even from a roadside stall as long as he gets access to tasty food.