Ramayan: Doordarshan official handle trolls Sonakshi Sinha with the same question asked by KBC

While Doordarshan has once again brought the most awaited show “Ramayan” to entertain people during the nationwide lockdown, Sonakshi Sinha has once again become a talking point, as her failure to answer a question from the epic text on Kaun Banega Crorepati had put herself in trouble.

Ramayana is probably the most viewed mythology TV serial in the country. It was aired during 1987-1988. The serial was created, written, and directed by Ramanand Sagar. Those days, people used to buy television sets for watching Ramayan on Doordarshan (DD) channel. Many people usually used to offer aarti as soon as the serial started and after ending the serial they used to distribute ‘Prasad.

The Ramayana has been re-telecast on Doordarshan (DD) after over three decades on the demand of people amid nationwide lockdown.

Doordarshan recently trolled Sonakshi with the same question asked in one of the episodes from Kaun Banega Crorepati and she did not have the answer. 

The show will remind you of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 11, where Sonakshi Sinha was asked a question. As she was unable to answer the question, she asked for a lifeline to answer and later was criticized by people on social media.

Here’s the question asked by KBC, “According to Ramayana, For whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevani Booti? The options were Sugriv, Lakshman, Sita and Rama. She did not know the answer, which was Lakshman, and had taken a lifeline”.

In the episode, even Amitabh Bachchan was shocked when Sonakshi could not answer and requested her mom Poonam to not show the episode to her father.

Surprisingly, Sonakshi’s father’s name is Shatrughan Sinha, her brothers’ names are Luv and Kush and her uncles’ names are Lakshman, Bharat and Ram. Even the bunglow she lives in is named Ramayana.

Now take a look at some of the interesting responses from Twitter after Ramayan has been broadcast on DD and also DD’s poll on Twitter.

Once again the most popular TV series made a comeback on Doordarshan and millions of people are watching it across the country. The iconic mythological serial of the 80s Ramayan is being aired on Doordarshan’s DD National channel at 9 am and 9 pm every Sunday.

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