Man orders iPhone 11 Pro from Flipkart, receives Android phone with camera sticker

We have heard many interesting stories about ordering one product and receiving the other in hand. Suppose, if you are ordering a phone from a reputed e-commerce company and receiving a soap bar or a brick instead, what would be your first reaction after opening the seal?

Usually, when we see our desired product inside the package, we get surprised but when it’s not the actual one, we get shocked. If we order an item online, the retailer of the store makes sure that he picks the right product for us for the best service but rarely do mishaps happen.

After Apple launched the brand new iPhone 11 Pro, the unique design went viral in every nook and corner of the world. The triple camera model was liked by many people, thereby attracting plenty of orders. Since the company had not altered the design as compared to that of iPhone XS, some people posted a picture by putting a sticker with three cameras on the back of their iPhone XS.

The same handset was delivered to one of the online shoppers, but it was not purchased that way.

A Bengaluru engineer identified as Rajni Kant Kushwaha ordered iPhone 11 Pro with 64GB variant from the e-commerce website by the name of Flipkart.

After a long time, the company had finally delivered the phone to him, but when he pulled the phone out of the box, he was absolutely shocked to find what was in the box. He found an Android phone with the iPhone 11 Pro camera sticker in the package.

Credits: MM

Kushwaha told that paid Rs 93,900 for the iPhone 11 Pro. He also claimed that the delivered phone looks similar iPhone XS even though it is not an iPhone at all in the first place.

Credits: MM

As per Kushwaha, many Android applications were pre-installed on the handset and the camera design sticker of the iPhone 11 Pro was put on the rear side of the handset. Nonetheless, following the complaint, Flipkart promised to give Rajinikanth a new phone. (This time, it is original).