Did this man get paid in millions to kill mosquitoes with his lethal farts?

A man whose farts destroys mosquitoes claims to been appointed by worl- class insect repellent companies as reported by U.K popular newspaper- The Sun. The man is identified as Joe Rwamirama from Kampala, Uganda, was said to have farts so lethal they could kill mosquitoes up to six metres away.

A local barber added that when Joe is around, mosquitoes in the nearby area vanish quickly because of his lethal farts. “He is respectful of people around him and will only fart when there are mosquitoes around which bring malaria. His farts get rid of this disease”, he told The Sun.

Credits: MM

Joe says that “No one in his home village has ever contracted malaria because his powers knock out insects over a six-mile radius. If true, that would make his fallout zone larger than that of the atomic bomb which destroyed Hiroshima in 1945.”

However, Joe didn’t disclose the name of the company, but he claims that they are paying him millions of dollars to create the new repellent.

Is this true or fake?

It has been learnt that the story has been untrue as it was initially originated from a satirical website, Ihlayanews.com.

The ‘Joe’ who can be seen in the accompanying picture was actually an unnamed man in the Democratic Republic of Congo being consulted by a doctor in July.

Unexpectedly, the news sparked a series of jokes online.